PAG Presentation on CEDE and microbial profiling with cpn60

On Tuesday Jan 17th at 5pm local (San Diego) Matt will be presenting a talk at the Plant & Animal Genome conference on microbial profiling using cpn60 and CEDE. Thanks to Genome Prairie for sponsoring attendance at PAG. 

Location - Sunset room in Meeting House @ Town and Country in San Diego

You mean people use a phylogenetic marker other than 16S rRNA? 

Yes some people use cpn60 (and rpoB) instead and they aren't all crazy. Matt may be but that's a story for another time.

The talk will provide some context for why choosing cpn60 may be advantageous. 

In the talk Matt will also be presenting CEDE (Collaborative Exploratory Data Environment). CEDE is a project than enables end-point collaboration at distance. It is a multi-user and multi-touch environment where a team of researchers / collaborators / Ag producers / clinicians / public can interact in real time to analyze microbiome data. 

Please see the following URLs for a demo video on CEDE.

English sub-titles

French sub-titles