Assistant professor - Animal & Poultry Science

Associate member - Computer Science

Dr. Matthew G. Links

Post-doctoral fellows

Opportunities for PDFs come through our successfully funded projects


Graduate students

Miles Buchwaldt - M.Sc. student in computer science, co-supervised with Dr. Isobel Parkin.

In addition to traditional Tri-council funding opportunities we have opportunities and experience with the Government of Canada's Research Affiliate Program.


Undergraduate students

Bryn Ready (FSWEP) - is looking at the use of OpenStack as a platform for cloud computing.

Tanner Dowhy (FSWEP) - is exploring the use of collaborative devices and software to enhance multi-disciplinary science.

Kevin Muirhead - was involved in various projects associated with microbial profiling, including the development of mPUMA. Kevin is currently a Bioinformatician with the TRIA-Net project where he's exploring the use of GBS (Genotyping by Sequencing) in Mountain Pine Beetle populations.

Summer students are commonly supported from project funding but we also have opportunities through the Government of Canada's Federal Student Work Experience Program (FSWEP)


Co-op students

Stefan Gemnay - completed a set of projects exploring the use of multi-user / multi-touch for bioinformatics. He's currently completing his undergraduate studies at the University of Waterloo.